Flat Single Axis Solar Tracker System

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Normal parameter
Tracking Type Flat single axis solar tracker
Drive type DC deceleration motor + rotary mechanism
Main Material: Anti-corrosion Material, Grade up to C4 (Selection)
Mechanical Support: Static Pressure Pile/Cement Pile Foundation (Selection)
Component Compatibility Conventional Components, Glass-Glass Components
Q’ty /Moudule 36-40pcs panel, can be customized
Power 11KWp-16KWp
Voltage level 1000v-1500v
Maximum wind speed  144 km/h
Dailypower consumption Less than 0.08kwh
Controllerpower supply  220VAC, 1P1N
Compliance criteria UL2703, UL3703
Tracking system paramer
Tracking angle  +/-45degree ~ +/-60degree, adjustable
Control Algorithms Astronomical Algorithms
Tracking accuracy  +1 degree
Backtracking  User Configurable
Communication Interface  Modbus TCP
System Protection Wind Leveling, Snow Protection, Lightning Protection